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Reading Eggs is an online reading and phonics programme that makes learning to read interesting and engaging for kids, with great online reading games and activities.

This is used by our Juniors (Years 0 - 3) at Piripiri School.

Reading Eggspress is an online reading programme that makes reading real books, improving spelling skills, and building reading comprehension highly engaging for kids aged 7 to 11

This is used by our Juniors (Years 0 - 3) at Piripiri School once they have completed Reading Eggs.

Mathseeds is an online maths programme for kids aged 3⁠–⁠9 with interactive and rewarding lessons that teach foundational maths and problem‑solving skills while nurturing an early love of maths

This is used by our Juniors (Years 0 - 3) at Piripiri School.

Mathletics is an online maths program that builds confidence through personalised learning, exciting games ,and mastery challenges. 

This is used by our Middles (Years 4- 6) and Seniors (Years 7 - 8) at Piripiri School.

StepsWeb is an online literacy program which adapts to each learner and practises all the core skills needed for reading and spelling.

This is used by all our students at Piripiri School.

Education Perfect is an online toolkit of learning, assessment, and analytics features designed to help teachers engage students, track growth, and differentiate their teaching.

This is used by our Seniors (Years 7 - 8) at Piripiri School.

A New Zealand Encyclopedia.

KidsLink is an online resource for schools and their family and whanau communities. Here, you will find a range of service providers that specialise in working with children, teenagers and their families with issues that affect their learning, development and well-being

Download the Kōrero Māori app on your mobile! You can read sentences even while you're offline.

All about our native plants, animals and conservation efforts in a child friendly format.

The team at Te Reo Singalong is led by Sharon and Alan Holt, who write, publish, market and sell Te Reo Singalong books from their home in Te Aroha. They also love travelling to centres and schools to perform the books for children and teachers. It’s a very busy life, full of fun and challenges. Fortunately, they get along well together.


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